Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wet Weather, Finally!!

AHHHHHHH!!!! The sound of rain beating on the roof and the flow of water on the fields.....good stuff
!! Thank God for answering prayers for rain. Tucker, in the pic above, is recovering from a little "ahem" surgery. He has being doing very well since Monday. Gotta go check how the water is running out by the new hay barn. Praying for more rain, we still need a ton more to get us out of this drought. Have a good Thursday!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just a little update:
  • School - in my 2nd semester of my master's degree program. Wow!! It really is an endurance challenge. I haven't written APA style papers in about 11 years, but here I am writing them on a regular basis. Overwhelmed at times, but still rewarding at the same time. I could go on and on about this aspect of grad school, but I'll save that for another time.
  • Daughter - Amazing!! I have been so blessed with all that has transpired in the last 7 months. Sure, it is crazy for me to say that, but at the same time my daughter and I have gone to the depths of HELL and have ended up closer than ever before. At one time I thought the relationship was broken beyond repair. I prayed and prayed and prayed some more for God to intervene and allow both of our hearts to heal and come together to sustain us through the rest of our life. We have to lean on Him and have faith that He is in control and will guide us through the trauma and make us better than ever on the other side. I'm very thankful for my faith in God and all that He is.
  • Work - Feeling better about being more in tune with everything involved with my job. My mind is calming and am able to focus more clearly. Very thankful.
  • Gus & Tucker - Oh goodness!!! They are a pure southern hot mess!!! These two boys are a joy to have. Gus is still my little buddy and sounding board. He still gets to hear all of my tears, my laughter, my talking to myself to help figure things out...I think I need to get him a counselor!! Haha! Just kidding...but really I probably need to.
  • Couponing - I've cooled on it just a little bit due to responsibilities with school this summer. Still have my binder and still clipping. I love saving money and I love finding the good deals. Focus just isn't 100% there right now.
  • Pool time - Well, that is a little interrupted right now. The hay barn is being built and the workers are in the process of building it, so I can't be laying out in the pool right now. So ready to get back out there.
  • Farm - Babies, babies, babies everywhere. Those little things are so cute. Dealing with a drought is not very fun when these mommies and babies depend on good nutrition to grow into the very best they can be. The Lord has blessed us with a couple of small, and I emphasize small, showers this past week. It has helped, but we need much much more to recover and have enough hay for this upcoming winter. Hopefully, I can get that chicken coop once the hay barn is built. But, I am going to wait til the Fall to tackle that project. It's just too hot right now.
Father's Day is this Sunday. Don't forget your dad or the wonderful dad in your child's life. Daddy's are very important and I don't take the fact that mine was such a great part of my life lightly at all. I am so thankful for my dad! He's the best!