Monday, May 16, 2011

7 months

7 months ago today I had to say goodbye to you. 7 months ago I memorized every freckle on your face. 7 months ago I kissed you for the last time. 7 months ago I stroked your hair for the last time. 7 months ago I gave you back to your heavenly Father. I miss you so much boo boo!! 7 months can witness a lot of change in someone's life. You can discover how truly strong you are and how heartbroken you can actually be. It is absolutely amazing. Your headstone was set last Wednesday and it looks amazing. It fits you so perfectly. I can picture you in the woods scene depicted on your headstone enjoying the deer, turkey, and waterfall. You loved the outdoors. Mother's Day was the hardest yet. I just wanted to touch least the day I lost you I could touch you and kiss you. Oh, and I received your memory blanket last week. It is breathtaking and is priceless to me. Every baseball jersey, t-shirt, dress shirt, jean, pajama pant, and boxer short brings back so many precious memories. You were the best son ever and I am proud to be your mama!! Love you little man!

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